Close Contact Saddles Pony sizesThe...
Close Contact Saddles Pony sizesThe Intrepid Gold Saddle model proved to be more than just a little successful. We seemed to be able to fit nearly all horse/rider combinations right...
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Helps riders of all levels...
Helps riders of all levels maintain proper balance when training. Provides extra security for beginner riders. Easily screws on the Dee's at pommel. Can be used on all Western saddles.Colors:...
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Whether you prefer English or western, choosing the right saddle is important for the safety and comfort of your horse during a ride. Because horses are unique, saddles are not made in one standard size. Instead, you'll typically find saddles in medium, medium wide, wide and extra wide sizes. With the right fit, you and your horse can both stay comfortable, focused and in sync. 

Types of Saddles

Saddles are categorized into either western or English and vary based on which discipline you ride. 

English Riding Saddles 

English saddle designs include:

  • All-purpose saddles.
  • Close contact saddles. 
  • Dressage saddles.
  • Endurance saddles. 
  • Jump saddles.

Western Riding Saddles 

Western saddle designs include:

  • Barrel racing saddles.
  • Trail saddles. 
  • Ranch saddles. 
  • Reining saddles. 
  • Roping saddles. 

Find the English and Western Saddles You Need to Love the Ride at Horse Tack Co.   

From jump saddles designed to help you get into the two-point jumping position to trail saddles for those laid-back weekend hacks, Horse Tack Co. has an extensive collection of saddles designed to fit horses and riders of all sizes. If you prefer to ride multiple horses or your horse's weight tends to fluctuate, be sure to check out our Wintec saddles featuring an interchangeable gullet system. We also carry a variety of Pro-Trainer dressage and close contact saddles. 

We look forward to making you tack happy with our English and western saddles in brown and black leather options. If you need help choosing your next saddle, reach out to our knowledgeable team by calling 866-624-8225 or filling out our contact form.      

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