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Bits For Draft Horses. Large size Warmblood Bits By Coronet.

Throughout the centuries there were not many draft type horses in America. The original draft horses, the Conestoga and Vermonter, were absorbed into the general horse population. As America become the breadbasket of the world the need for larger and faster horses became apparent, especially with the development of new farm equipment. In the late 1830's, larger breeds were imported from Europe. By 1900, there were over 27,000 purebred Belgians, Clydesdale's, Percheron's, Shires, and Suffolk Punches in the United States. The introduction of these purebred horses increased the average horse size from between 1200 and 1500 pounds to 1900. Today, the Belgian Draft horse outnumbers all other draft breeds. The American association for Belgian Horses was established in 1887 in Wabash, Indiana. Draft horses now average 1600 pounds or better and stand at least 16 hands tall. Most are Belgian or Percheron. These horses are still used today, especially by the Amish to farm large fields in the Eastern United states. Horse Tack Co. stocks a large selection of Draft Horse Tack, Draft Horse Bits by Coronet, and Carriage Driving Bits. Come browse our extensive inventory. You will find great quality and very fair prices at Horse Tack Company.

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