Grazing Muzzles for Horses

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Nutcracker Cribbing Strap with Leather Crown.Nutcracker action on this cribbing strap helps prevents horse cribbing and wind sucking. Adjustable leather crown and an aluminum neck piece.Made in the USA with...
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Muzzles for Horses

When the spring grass begins coming in, you will likely start to notice your easy keeper or full-time pasture-boarded horse putting on some extra weight. Potentially causing issues ranging from fatty pockets to a cresty neck, the carbohydrates, which include fructans, in this new grass can cause your horse to really pack on the pounds.

The side effects of these grass conditions aren't just physical though — high sugar consumption and weight gain can contribute to your horse developing health conditions such as grass founder or metabolic disorders. 

Your Solution: Horse Grazing Muzzles 

Fructan levels can vary throughout the day, with the highest concentrations occurring in the late afternoon or after a frosty night. While confining your horse to a dry lot of stall can be one method to avoid this dangerous grass that emerges in April and May, it will leave your horse deprived of two essential aspects of their life: fresh food and friendship. 

Instead of restricting turnout, a grazing muzzle designed for horses allows them to enjoy the tender spring grass and continue moving around outside and living in a herd environment. 

Keep Your Horse Happy and Healthy With a Best Friend Grazing Muzzle 

Grazing muzzles are simple to use and present a budget-friendly solution to managing these health risks. They help to control obesity, laminitis, insulin resistance and Cushing's disease. Our Best Friend Cribbing Muzzle will also allow your horse to graze and drink while controlling cribbing.

Control Cribbing

A horse that cribs has an obsessive-compulsive habit. Horses that crib swallow air, which may lead to poor digestion or colic. Cribbers also cause extensive damage to fences and stalls. There is no known cause, but most believe cribbing is how a horse handles stress. Boredom could be another cause. 

Best Friend cribbing muzzles is an easy, safe and natural way to stop this habit.

Prevent Grass Founder With The Best Friend Grazing Muzzles 

Grass founder is a painful condition caused by decreased blood flow to the hoof laminae. The lack of blood flow causes hoof wall separation and can even cause the coffin bone to rotate. Grass founder is caused by the fructan found in rich spring grass, which causes bacteria to grow and then release endotoxins throughout the horse's body when they consume too much. When these toxins reach the hooves, damage to the laminae can occur. 

By using a grazing muzzle, you'll be able to limit the amount of spring grass your horse has access to, preventing this debilitating condition. 

Manage Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) and Cushing's Disease 

Both equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) and Cushing's disease, which are common in easy keepers, can cause a horse to gain excessive weight over their topline and develop fat pads on their shoulders or above their tail. This excess fat can then lead to everything from insulin resistance and high blood sugar to chronic laminitis. 

Keeping your horse active, making feed changes and limiting the amount of grass they consume by using a grazing muzzle when they are turned out helps them maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. 

What Sets Best Friend Grazing Muzzles Apart?

Best Friend horse grazing muzzles and cribbing muzzles are all high quality and made to last. Best Friend offers the deluxe muzzle that comes with its own adjustable halter for a perfect fit. The standard muzzle attaches to your own halter. For horses that remove their muzzles, we offer the patented Best Friend Have a Heart version that comes with its own adjustable halter, plus an adjustable nose and V strap. 

Finding the right fit for a grazing muzzle is important. That's why Best Friend provides each version in a wide range of sizes — including grazing muzzles designed specifically for two sizes of  mini horses. You'll be able to customize the fit to your horse with the multiple adjustments found on the crown, cheeks, throat and chin. In addition to these features designed to keep your horse comfortable, we also added various safety features such as breakable buckles.

Best Friend Horse Grazing Muzzles: The Kindest Way to Keep Your Horse Healthy This Spring. Recommended by 100's of vets.

At Horse Tack Co., we've been helping riders find the tack and equipment they need to love the ride since 1996. Be prepared for lush spring and summer grass this year with a Best Friend grazing muzzle. With our competitive pricing and fast shipping, you'll be able to keep your horse happy and healthy.          

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