See why everyone loves coming to Horse Tack Co. for their equestrian needs!

"Horse Tack Company has been wonderful in assisting me find whatever I need. They have a great variety of products and go out of their way in customer service. As far as both English and Western products go on a website, as well as barn and stable supplies, I am very happy with the supply they have. Thanks so much!" - Katie B. from Google

"The employees were very helpful and immediately when we stepped in the door they asked us what we needed."  - Amanda G. from Google

"I am extremely proud to be representing this fantastic company! My all time favorite product (at this moment) is their fly sheet! The design is unique and incredibly comfortable to the horse as the neck line is higher up allowing a close fit without rubbing the shoulders or the wither! It doesn't have a ton of buckles (so my staff is happy) but it never slides to one side! It is lightweight, breathes well AND it has built in fly repellent! Genius fly sheet and a total MUST HAVE in the summer months! Thank you for providing such quality products!!!" - Meghan T. from Facebook

"I shopped around before ordering and found Horse Tack Company to have the best pricing & economical shipping - why shop anyplace else!" - Sue M.B. from Facebook

"They are helpful, and friendly. Quality products as well, and quick to ship." - Denise K from Facebook

"Very fast and great customer service. I will recommend yall to everyone that needs equine products!" - Brande G from Facebook

"I bought a horse blanket from them. Put it on my horse and it was ruined in less than two days. I have never had something like this happen. Called them to see what they could do and was originally told they were sorry, but there was nothing they could do. The owner of the company contacted me today and was apologetic, she had not heard of my situation. She was very pleasant to work with and helped tremendously. We came to an amicable solution. It is nice to know there are companies out there that still care about their customers." - Carolyn T.H. from Facebook

"Great products and great communication. I found just the right saddle pad and the quality is top notch." - Diane C from Facebook

"I’ve ordered online for years and have had excellent and efficient service." - Sherry M.W. from Facebook

"Very fast shipping there was no damage with excellent packing. Granddaughter is very happy I will be ordering again with Christmas coming." - Kathleen O. from Facebook

"My horse is an over eater and she has to wear her feeding halter at least 9 months out of the year depending on the year. This halter is the best fitting one and the only one she will accept. Thank you." - Karen B. from Facebook

"Horse Tack Co. is so kind and accommodating!
Their website is well organized and even offers a range of well known, brand-name companies from low budget to higher end products!
HTC should definitely be your go-to tack shop." - Fayth S. from Facebook

"I placed my order on Friday and it arrived Monday! I called customer service before I ordered because I had a question that I couldn't find the answer to online. Not even on the manufacturer's website. The lady spoke to was able to answer my question in just a few minutes was very pleasant.
I was very happy with the service, the quality of the product and the price. I have looking for quite while and you definitely had the best quality for the price.
I am recommending you to friends and will be visiting your site again." - Marsha F. from Facebook

"Iv ordered online from this company a couple times , and I must say the customer service is great! Whether an out of stock item or an exchange they are awesome about getting you what you need and processing it fast!" - Jessica M.L from Facebook

"Item as described even came a day early!
Thank You!" - Misty H. from Facebook

"Excellent service and product. Definitely a "go to"!" - Karen R. from Facebook

"Customer service was very friendly and they did their best to help me find what I needed." - April W.R. from Facebook

"My horse had hoof surgery April 28 to remove a keratoma and he was quarantined in his stall as we had to keep the surgery site clean and dry… lots of bandaging etc etc. Just recently he was finally allowed out for a few hours at a time but we had to keep him separate from the other horses. In the morning, we put Horse Quencher in two buckets in the back pasture to lure his buddies to go there. Within just two days they were waiting at that gate, just to get to the Horse Quencher!! Too funny but it really helped." - Nancy I.


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