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Western Stirrups for sale from Horsetackco.com

Western stirrups can be made from a variety of materials including metals, wood and plastic. Recently aluminum riding stirrups have become popular because of their light weight. These light weight and often engraved aluminum western stirrups provide a fancy appearance, and are now being used in the horse show arenas.

The history of these Western stirrups goes all the way back to the 700's when the Moors invaded Spain. These riding stirrups were eventually brought to the new world and became the Western horse stirrups used on the current stock saddles.

Horse Tack co. stocks Western horse stirrups in the following styles. Oxbow stirrups, Visalia stirrups, Barrel racing stirrups and Bell stirrups in wood, aluminum, braided rawhide and plastic. If you need Western stirrups Horse Tack Co. is the place to buy top quality horse tack.

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