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Western Spurs

Over the years, spurs have seen use in various western disciplines ranging from roping to western pleasure to train, work and compete. These training aids serve to back up the rider's natural aids and teach the horse to move either forward or laterally. 

Whether they are simple and clean or engraved with silver filigree, when used correctly, western spurs can help a rider create a more responsive and soft horse. 

Types of Western Spurs

It's important to choose the right spur type and size depending on which western discipline you ride. For example, some spurs, like the roper style, are designed specifically for roping or trail riding. Because both ropers and trail riders might occasionally be standing in the saddle, roping spurs feature a short shank so the rider doesn't accidentally jab the horse when they get up.

Regardless of the style, most western spurs will have a rowel, which is the rotating pointed disk. Western spurs also come in a variety of shank lengths. 

Of course, when choosing your western spurs, you want to consider both your riding level and your horse's preferences. Some horses will require a more gentle spur while others will be able to tolerate a design with teeth spaced further apart.

Browse Top-Quality Western Spurs From Horse Tack Co. 

Horse Tack Co. carries an extensive collection of western spurs from top brands, including Robart and Coronet. Browse our cowboy, roper and cutter style spurs in simple stainless steel, engraved silver designs. 

If you need help finding the best western spurs, give our team of experts a call at 866-624-8225 or send a message online and we'll be happy to help. 

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