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Western Spur Straps 

Whether they rope, rein or show horses, many western riders rely on their spurs to deliver precise cues to their horse when on a ride. Of course, once you've found the best pair of spurs for you and your horse, you need a durable pair of spur straps to keep them in place while you are training, working or competing.

Spur straps aren't just about function though — many western riders see them as a way to add some personality to their style. With their many tooling options and decorative touches, western spur straps can add an eye-catching touch to your riding attire.

Types of Western Spur Straps 

Western spur straps come in a variety of designs and styles. They can range from simple brown or black leather straps to ornate tooled designs complemented by backstitching or metal studs. It all just depends on where and how you will be using your spur straps and your personal design preferences. 

Because there are different types of western spurs designed for disciplines ranging from trail riding to barrel racing, you'll find a wide range of spur strap shapes and designs to perfectly fit each one.

Find the Spur Straps You Need to Love Your Next Ride at Horse Tack Co. 

At Horse Tack Co., we have spur straps designed for men, women and youth. Choose from our simple leather designs or one of our eye-catching styles featuring turquoise dots or conchos. 

With our competitive prices and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you'll find exactly what you're looking for. For ordering assistance, you can always reach out online or call us at 866-624-8225.    

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