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Western Saddle Pads

Whether you trail ride, barrel race or enjoy other equestrian pursuits, your saddle pad is one of your most important pieces of tack. The right pad can help absorb rider movement and lessen the impact on your horse's back as well as absorb sweat on those hot summer rides. Some pads, with the addition of shims, can even help your saddle fit your horse better. 

Types of Western Saddle Pads

Because each western rider has unique needs, you can find western saddle pads for both schooling and showing. Along with classic thickly woven blankets, Horse Tack Co. carries fleece and felt western saddle pads to suit your tastes, as well as options in modern neoprene. 

We also stock pads in different colors, patterns and cuts. Choose from shapes such as:

  • Straight
  • Round 
  • Cut back
  • Cut out
  • Swayback

Whether you opt for a high-tech neoprene western saddle pad or a simple blanket, it's best to leave around 2 to 3 inches of pad all around your saddle so it doesn't shift around or move as you ride. 

Find the Western Saddle Pads You Need to Love the Ride at Horse Tack Co.

At Horse Tack Co., we stock top brand-name western saddle pads at prices you'll love, including selections from therapeutic brands such as ThinLine. With our fast shipping, you and your equine partner will be able to enjoy a comfortable, stylish new pad in no time. 

Order your western saddle pad today and enjoy flat rate shipping on orders over $75. To learn more about our saddle pads for sale, contact us online or at 866-624-8225.       

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