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The Reiner Bit Robart Patent #6449930...
The Reiner Bit Robart Patent #6449930 The Reiner is a great bit.  Excellent for the transition from snaffle to ported bit. Work each side independently or pull both reins and its...
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Western Bits at Horse Tack Co

Whether you barrel race or ride western dressage, we have the western bits you need to train and compete, including short or long shank bits, ring bits, and western dee bits. We carry:

  1. Tom Thumb style western bits: Tom Thumb style western bits, which are leverage bits, have a jointed mouthpiece that allows each side to be worked independently of the other. They tend to have shorter shank lengths measuring anywhere from five to seven inches long.
  2. S shank bits: Like their name suggests, S shank bits feature an "S" angle. Because of this design, the horse will have a bit of time before the movement from the rider pulling on the reins makes contact with their mouth.
  3. 7 shank bits: A 7 shank bit, which tends to have a shorter shank, works via direct pressure and allows for independent side movement like a Tom Thumb bit.
  4. Correction bits: Correction bits work in conjunction with combination bits, shank bits or gag bits. These bits apply pressure in various areas on the horse, including the tongue and the bars of their mouth. 
  5. Western pelham bit: A western pelham bit is a multi-action bit, meaning it combines the leveraging action of a curb bit with the direct pressure of a snaffle. 
  6. Jr. cowhorse bit: A jr. cowhorse bit is a low leverage bit. It has a three-piece mouth and is designed to help collect a horse.
  7. Grazing bit: A grazing bit, which is a type of curb bit, has fixed shanks that bend back. These shanks are attached right onto the mouthpiece. 

These are just a few of the western bits available today. All shanked bits that employ a curb strap or chain are leverage bits or curb bits. Even if a snaffle-type joined mouth is used along with a curb strap, it becomes a curb bit.

Find the Western Bits You Need at the Prices You'll Love at Horse Tack Co.

A lot of factors go into choosing the right bit for you and your equine partner. At Horse Tack Co., we are here to help you narrow down your options and find the perfect fit. You'll find the top western brands you know and love in our inventory, from designs by Chuck Letchworth and Myler to Robart pinchless bits. Pick up everything you need to enjoy the ride and get flat rate shipping on all orders over $75.                

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