Techniche Cool Or Heat Clothes

Toe Warmers The Techinche air...
Toe Warmers The Techinche air activated Heat Pax are just the right size for heating your toes. The Heat Pax will give you up to 5 hours of warmth. The...
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Techniche Heating GlovesThis is the...
Techniche Heating GlovesThis is the way to go for cold weather riding, Skiing, Hiking, Snowmobiling, or any other outdoor activity. For complete and controlled warmth throughout the hand. Using heating...
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Techniche Cool and Heat Clothes

As an equestrian, there will be plenty of times you'll be outside in extremely hot or cold weather to groom, feed, muck stalls or ride your horse. While you're out in the elements, stay protected and comfortable all year long with Techniche cool and heat clothes. This line of clothing is designed to keep equestrians cool in the summer and warm in the winter by maintaining the body's natural thermoregulation. 

Whether you're choring around the barn or practicing for your next big show, Techniche will keep you comfortable and stylish. 

Our Collection of Techniche Cool and Heat Clothes 

At Horse Tack Co., you'll find both cooling and heating clothing items and accessories from Techniche.  

Techniche Cool Clothes

Our Techniche cool clothing, such as our evaporative cooling vests, offers protection from the sun and will keep you comfortable on those hot summer days. We also have a variety of accessories like our cooling neckband, as well as a selection of headwear that includes:

  • Skull caps.
  • Ball caps.
  • Cooling beanies.
  • Cooling ranger hats.

Techniche Heat Clothes 

When the temperatures start dropping, turn to Techniche to keep you warm from top to bottom. Horse Tack Co. carries a variety of heat clothes for the colder months, including heating vests and body warmers. We also carry accessories such as:

  • Heating baseball caps.
  • Heating gloves.
  • Heating scarf.
  • Heating ear band.

Stay Comfortable All Year Long With Techniche Apparel and Accessories From Horse Tack Co.

Here at Horse Tack Co., our wide selection of Techniche cool and heat clothes will help you love the ride all year. We ship our horse products throughout the United States from our store in New Holland, Pennsylvania. If you have any questions about our heating and cooling apparel or accessories, just give us a call at 866-624-8225 or reach out online to connect with our team of experts.      

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