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Saddle seat riding is uniquely American.

Usually seen in use on Saddlebreds, Arabs, Morgan and Tennessee Walking horses, this style of riding is meant to show class and excitement and animation. The show attire is elegant and the horses are turned out in the same fashion. Horses have a high head carriage with lots of animation and are shown in walk, trot and canter.

American Saddlebreds are shown in five gaits, including the walk, trot and canter plus a slow gait and the rack which is a smooth, four beat gait at speed. The saddle that these horses are shown in is called a Lane Fox or "Cut Back". They are so called because it features a 4" cut back pommel. The saddle is constructed to show the front end action of the horse.

The bridle used is a Weymouth bridle. It has two sets of reins, one for a Bradoon and the other for the weymouth bit. All the tack is very refined and meant to show off the horse.

Horse Tack Co features Saddle Seat tack from saddle pads to Weymouth bridles, bits and Patent leather girths. Stop in and check out our great line up of Saddle Seat horse tack.

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