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The goal of Horse Tack Co. has always been to make riders tack happy. To help achieve that goal, we continually research and source the best horse tack — including our saddle pads — for the enjoyment and comfort of both horse and rider.

 Pro-Trainer "Hunter" Non Slip Saddle...
 Pro-Trainer "Hunter" Non Slip Saddle PadTraditional hunter saddle shape that fits most 17 - 18" saddles. Brown non slip material on both top and bottom with double thick padding at...
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Quilted Saddle Pad The Double...
Quilted Saddle Pad The Double Back Padded all purpose pad is Cotton quilted with fleece inner back lining. Features a high-rise wither and Nylon girth straps and hook and loop...
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Western Navajo Show Pad Made...
Western Navajo Show Pad Made of 100% New Zealand wool. The contoured design of the pad allows for close contact, but features a generous rise for the withers. Made of...
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Types of Saddle Pads 

Both English and western riders have almost endless saddle pad options to choose from depending on their horse's needs and their personal style.


Like their name suggests, all-purpose English saddle pads can be used for everything from flatwork to dressage. You can find these pads in a variety of colors. Some also feature piping and fun prints and patterns. Dressage pads, which usually come in either white or another understated color, are bigger than all-purpose pads. 

Some English riders pair their pads with a sheepskin half pad to help keep their saddle in place and add a little extra cushion.


Western pads typically come in more of a square shape. Some trail saddle pad styles are more rounded at the end to contour to the saddle's round skirts, and they may even come with pockets to store things in. Common western saddle pad designs include:

  • Saddle blankets.
  • Woven pads.
  • Wool pads.
  • Felt pads.
  • Neoprene pads.


For those days when you want to work on your seat or are too busy to tack up, you can throw a bareback pad on your horse. Bareback pads are designed to add a bit of cushion and comfort for both horse and rider as they walk, trot and canter. With plenty of fun colors and prints to choose from, English and western riders alike will be able to find the perfect bareback pad. 

Choosing the Right Saddle Pad for Your Horse 

Choosing the right saddle pad is important because it can help reduce your movement and impact in the saddle. This cushion helps protect your horse's back and makes the ride much more enjoyable for them. Some pads, especially if you shim them correctly, can even help keep your saddle in place and improve its fit.

To make sure you choose the right pad, start by evaluating your horse's conformation. Some saddle pads are specially made to accommodate high withers or other unconventional characteristics. Pads that allow shimming, such as our selection of Maxtra saddle pads, can even account for irregularities like uneven shoulders for a perfect fit. 

Then, check the dimensions of the pad against your saddle. Measure the full length of the saddle's topline, then from the center under the seat to the edge of the skirt. Multiply the second measurement by two. You want to pick a pad that reaches outside the edge of the saddle, but does not stretch past the horse's last rib.    

Difference in Materials 

Saddle pads can be made out of a variety of different materials such as:

  • Cotton: Most English all-purpose and dressage pads are made of cotton. This breathable material can be used alone if the saddle fits the horse well. Otherwise, it can be shimmed or paired with a half pad.
  • Fleece: Fleece helps to absorb sweat and offers a cushioning effect.
  • Foam: Both closed-cell and open-cell foam pads help absorb shock while riding. Over time, foam saddle pads will mold to the horse's back to create more of a custom fit.
  • Neoprene: Neoprene pads are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Their sticky texture also helps keep the saddle in place. 
  • Wool: Wool pads help wick away sweat and keep your horse cool while also absorbing shock.

Find the Perfect English or Western Saddle Pad at Horse Tack Co.

At Horse Tack Co., no matter what discipline you ride or what style you prefer, we have a broad selection of saddle pads for you to choose from. You'll be able to browse the best brand names on the market, including Roma, Tough-1, Maxtra and ThinLine. 

We want to make every horse and rider team love the ride. Let us know if you have any questions about our English or western saddle pad collection by giving us a call at 866-624-8225 or reaching out online.     


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