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Robart Bits.

Patented Pinchless Horse Bits by Dave Robart. Train your horse with less pain. Old style snaffle bits lock up and cause pinching. This causes head tossing and excessive mouth movement. With the Robart Pinchless Bit system the center joint rotates so the tongue is not pinched. This prevents problems such as gapping, excessive mouthing, and head tossing. Stress is lowered so horse training becomes more effective. Dave Robart's Precision bit has become the standard. The Precision Bit contains an internal spring that returns the port to the neutral position. This provides excellent shoulder control and allows each side to work independently. There are many Robart Pinchless bits to choose from. whether you ride English or Western, Robart Pinchless bits will give you better hands and better timing. You will feel the difference and so will your horse. Browse Horsetack Co for all your Robart Pinchless Bits.
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