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Reflective Horse Tack 

Whether you are a competitive trail rider, endurance rider or just taking your horse out on a hack, you want to ensure that others can clearly see both of you. Whenever you are out in low light conditions or riding during hunting season, reflective horse tack ensures that both you and your horse stay visible and safe on your rides.

Protect Your Horse With Our Collection of Reflective Tack 

Horse Tack Co. carries reflective horse tack for all parts of your horse, including:

  • Reflective leg bands and wraps.
  • Breastplates.
  • Bridle straps.
  • Tail guards.

Along with our collection of horse tack, we also carry reflective rider vests and a reflective flasher unit for added protection. This unit, which can be worn on your boot, leg, arm or belt, blinks to let others in the area know that you are out riding.

Stay Safe and Love the Ride With Reflective Tack From Horse Tack Co.

At Horse Tack Co., we want both western and English riders to stay safe and love the ride each time they climb in the saddle. When you plan on riding in dark or dangerous environments, make sure you are prepared and protected ahead of time with a variety of reflective tack. 

We offer competitive pricing and fast order processing for everything in our broad product range. You can also take advantage of our quick, flat-rate shipping on all orders over $75.

If you need help choosing the best reflective tack or rider gear, reach out to our team by calling us at 866-624-8225 or sending a message through our online contact form.      

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