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Mini Shipping Boots Mini Shipping Boots are constructed of tough 600 denier nylon with polyfill padding and an inner lining to insure maximum protection and comfort to horses leg.  Two...
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Horse Tack Co. offers many different types of horse boots designed to prevent a horse from injuring himself or being injured. It is easy to be confused when viewing so many styles and types of boots. Here we will discuss a number of boots, their common names and uses.

Splint or Brushing Boots can be used on front or back legs of the horse. Their purpose is to prevent the horse from injuring the splint bone when the opposite foot strikes the inside of the leg. Splint boots provide protection for the horse and are excellent for general training, lounging or trail riding. You can use an inexpensive neoprene splint boot for light duty, or leather lined sheepskin boots for more demanding riding conditions.

Ankle Boots or Fetlock Boots are worn on the horse's hind legs to protect them from brushing and are most commonly used by show jumpers. Currently available in both synthetic and leather models. Some are Fleece lined and some offer gel padding for ultimate riding comfort.

Hock Boots and Knee Boots made of neoprene are used to sweat an area that may have been stressed due to injury or training. There are also padded hock boots intended to provide protection while a horse is being shipped, while padded knee boots offer protection while riding on paved roads. They are more common in European countries.

Bell Boots or Over-reach Boots come in several styles. Originally they were referred to as "pull on bell boots". They needed to be of a good quality rubber that could be easily stretched. They are applied by turning them inside out then pulling them over the hoof then turning the boot down into place. Later the Velcro Bell Boot and Double Velcro Bell Boot were introduced, making them easier to put on the horse. Bell boots fit around the lower pastern of the front feet to prevent injury from over reaching. Used commonly for show jumping or any other fast moving activity. We like to turn out horses in bell boots to prevent injury and reduce the chance of a horse shoe being torn off.

Fetlock Rings,also known as anti-brushing rings, are placed around the pastern of the back leg. This boot protects against low knocks around the coronet. Do not fit the fetlock ring too tightly as it needs to be able to move around. If too loose, however, the ring will fall down off the hoof.

Open Front Jumping Boots protect a horse's tendons by preventing him from striking the back of his front leg with a hind hoof. Open front jumping boots, as the name implies, are commonly used for show jumping.

Shipping Boots are used to prevent injury during trailering your horse. Many injuries occur while trailering horses so these boots are well worth the investment.

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