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Polo is an exciting, action-packed sport that's played between two teams on horseback. There are two main types of polo — arena and field. In both styles of play, the objective is to score goals by using a mallet to send the small wooden ball into the opposing team's goal. 

Polo Breastplate Traditional design, made...
Polo Breastplate Traditional design, made of English bridle leather. Made in the USA. Look for the matching Bridle and Standing Martingale.
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Bridle Polo Pelham Full w/...
Bridle Polo Pelham Full w/ 2 Sets Reins Chestnut  Traditional design polo bridle that comes complete with buckle end double reins. Made of English Bridle leather. Comes in a Dark...
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Polo Standing Martingale Traditional design,...
Polo Standing Martingale Traditional design, made of English bridle leather. Made in the USA. Look for the matching bridle and breastplate. full size
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What Kind of Tack Is Used for Polo? 

Because of how intense and fast this sport is, the tack used is fairly simple and functional. These pieces rarely feature any decorative elements, which helps prevent the tack from getting caught on things. 

Polo saddles look very similar to English saddles. The reinforced trees and thin flaps allow the rider plenty of agility so they can move around and swing their mallet off the side of their horse.

Riders also typically use the following tack: 

  • Polo breastplate 
  • Standing polo martingale
  • Spur straps
  • Double girth 

When playing polo, riders usually wear breeches, riding boots with knee protection, a polo shirt and a helmet. 

Find the Polo Horse Tack You Need to Train and Compete

Horse Tack Co. has a collection of horse tack, proudly made in America, designed specifically for playing polo. From saddles to breastplates to polo bits, we have everything you need to train and compete with your horse. 

Order Your Polo Tack From Horse Tack Co. Today

Horse Tack Co. has been helping make riders of all disciplines tack happy since 1996. Our entire polo collection is competitively priced, and you'll enjoy our fast flat-rate shipping on all orders over $75. If you have any questions about our Polo gear or other horse products, contact us online or via 866-624-8225.       

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