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A flexible repair adhesive to...
A flexible repair adhesive to contain and waterproof the nicks that your blanket may pick up over the years.Net Weight: 15 grams
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Dog Blankets made like your Horse Blanket, Dog Collars, Leads and Dog Blankets.

Shop our large selection of dog blankets and dog raincoats and have it embroidered. American made leather dog collars. Buy an engraved name plate for your leather dog collar. Horse Tack Co has dog toys and grooming products for your dog.

Dogs play a big part of the lives of horse people. They are most certainly pets and companions, but dogs serve horse people in many other ways, from guarding barns and stables to looking after the livestock or even the kids. One can hardly imagine a farm or horse ranch without a dog. From Australian Shepards to Jack Russells, we just cannot do without our trusted furry friends. 

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