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Stainless Steel 7" Flat Shank,...
Stainless Steel 7" Flat Shank, MB 06 Mullen with Low Ported Barrel, Level 2-3The MB 06 is a Myler alternative to the traditional mullen, but it has a wide low...
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Myler mouthpiece designs correspond to the Myler Level of a horse's behavior and experience. The mouthpiece Levels start at Level 1, which apply maximum tongue pressure and go up to Level 3, which apply minimum tongue pressure and offer the most tongue relief. Most horses can avoid Level 1 altogether; it's quite possible that your horse can enter the Myler System at Level 2, 2-3, or even 3.

Level 2-3

  • Basic training with a good disposition and self-control, can handle more tongue relief
  • Advanced training but a challenging disposition - anxious, aggressive, or fearful
  • Riding in a Level 2 mouthpiece and showing resistance

Level 2-3 Mouthpiece

  • Ported, offering more tongue relief than Level 1 or 2
  • Correctional mouthpieces that apply some tongue pressure or curb mouthpieces that apply little tongue pressure
  • Uses more bar, poll, chin pressure than Level 1 or 2
  • Curves to allow more room for the tongue
  • Options with and without independent side movement


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