Horse Training Aids

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Horse Training Aids

When riding, equestrians rely mainly on their natural aids to communicate with and train their horse. Natural aids include the legs, seat and hands. 

Sometimes, though, riders might need a little extra help to ensure the horse understands the commands — that's where horse training aids, also referred to as artificial training aids, come into play. From bits to whips or crops, these types of aids can help riders communicate with their horse and perform training in forward or lateral movements.

Different Types of Horse Training Aids

Common horse training aids include:

  • Cavesson: A cavesson allows riders to do groundwork and gymnastics without using a bit. With the different ring options, riders can easily work on bending and softening their horse. 
  • Chambon/Neck stretcher: For horses that tend to move with their head high and their back hollow, a chambon or neck stretcher can encourage them to move in a long and low frame. These training aids apply gentle pressure at the poll to encourage the horse to stretch down.
  • Crops and lunge whips: Crops and whips can be used for riding and groundwork. There are various styles and lengths for disciplines ranging from dressage to jumping. 
  • Draw reins: Draw reins encourage the horse to work in a frame by maintaining contact with the bit when riding.
  • Side reins: Similar to draw reins, side reins are a training tool used when doing groundwork. These reins encourage the horse to flex and move in a frame.
  • Long lines: Long lines, which come in a variety of different lengths, are used for lunging. Long lines can be either clipped onto a cavesson ring, looped through the bit and over the horse's head, or used with a surcingle for lunging. 
  • Lunging surcingles: A lunging surcingle looks and fits like a girth, but it includes rings that allow you to attach long lines or side reins for training exercises.

When Would Riders Use These Aids?

Depending on the fitness level of your horse and what you are trying to teach them, some tools work better than others. For example, a green horse just starting out would most likely benefit more from a chambon than draw reins.

Just like with natural aids, riders should always start with the mildest option and use the least amount of pressure. It's important to keep in mind that none of these tools — even crops and whips — are designed for punishment. They are simply to back up the rider's natural aids and condition the horse to better respond to them. 

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Horse Tack Company stocks a large selection of horse training aids and horse riding equipment. We carry quality draw reins, rein aids, long lines, lunging surcingles and more to help you train your horses. You'll also find a variety of training aid accessories ranging from whip popper replacements to whip clips for boots.

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At Horse Tack Co., we carry thousands of pieces of English and western tack and training aids. Browse our extensive collection of training aids designed to get your horse in shape or ready for the show ring.

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