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Multi Purpose Attachment that doubles...
Multi Purpose Attachment that doubles as a Lunge Attachment, Dog Coupler or the perfect thing to hook to the bit in a Lead Line class. Two 5/8" x 6" straps...
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Lunging Equipment 

Lunging is a technique for working and training your horse. A horse is asked to work at the end of a long line and respond to commands from a handler on the ground who holds the lunge line.
Lunging is performed in a large circle with the horse traveling around the outside edge of a real or imaginary ring with the trainer in the middle. Lunging your horse helps keep them in top physical shape when riding may not be possible. The benefits of lunging are numerous. Young horses can even be lunged before they are old enough to bear the weight of a rider.
This ground work will be invaluable when it comes time to begin riding a young horse because lunging allows him to stretch and loosen the body so that balance and engagement of the hindquarters will improve. Once a horse is more fit and further along in their training, lunging can teach them how to accept the bit and move in a frame at all gaits.
Best of all, with the right equipment, both English and Western riders can take advantage of the many physical and training benefits that lunging offers.

Common Lunging Equipment 

In addition to a long lead line, there are a few common types of lunging equipment you'll want to have on hand to make your lunging session easier and more effective:

  • Lunging cavesson: A cavesson usually has either three or five rings evenly spaced out on the noseband. Some will also have padding to provide your horse with a more comfortable fit. You'll be able to adjust the crown, nose and cheek pieces to create more of a custom fit for your horse. Once you've sized and fitted it to your horse, you can use it for lunging as well as work in hand and riding.
  • Horse surcingle: A horse surcingle looks similar to a girth, but it features attached rings. This design allows you to connect a chambon if you are trying to teach your horse how to move in a long and low frame or side reins or long lines if you are teaching them how to move in a working frame.  
  • Lunge whip: Lunge whips tend to be much longer than the riding variety. Most designs come with a rubber wrap or coating for a firm grip.

Find the Equipment You Need to Lunge and Train Your Horse 

At Horse Tack Co., we sell lunging equipment in mini, pony, and average horse sizes. No matter what kind of horse you have, we've got the equipment you need at the prices you'll love. Browse our colorful whip selection, soft surcingles and padded leather cavessons today and enjoy flat-rate shipping on all orders over $75. If you need any assistance, contact our team online or at 866-624-8225.     

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