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Nylon Halters

Horse halters made from nylon represent some of the most popular horse gear used today. While both English and western riders use them, they tend to be more common among those who ride in English disciplines. 

Nylon halters come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and are designed to be comfortable, durable and easy to maintain

Nylon Halter Uses

Because of how durable they are, nylon horse halters can be used daily. Even though they are strong, they don't have pressure points like a rope halter, making them ideal for horses who are more sensitive to head pressure. Nylon halters can suit a variety of purposes, including:  

  • Bathing and grooming in cross ties.
  • Trailering.
  • Leading.
  • Turn out.

Browse Our Collection of Nylon or Poly Halters

Here at Horse Tack Co., we have a variety of nylon and Poly halters in different styles, patterns and colors. Our halters come in sizes ranging from yearling to regular horse to draft so that every equestrian can find the perfect fit for their horse. 

Our nylon breakaway horse halters are designed to keep your horse comfortable and safe. When you turn your horse out or trailer them, you need to ensure they are wearing a halter that will let them break free if they get caught on something or pull back. Our nylon breakaway halters have designated break points that will release your horse's head if they get stuck.

We also have nylon and leather halter combinations as well as poly halters in both regular and neon colors.

Order Your Nylon Halter From Horse Tack Co. Today

While we are based in New Holland, Pennsylvania, we ship our horse halters to riders throughout the United States. We offer fast shipping so you can put your new nylon halter to use as soon as possible. 

With our extensive collection, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at a price you'll love. For more information on our products or policies, contact our team online or give us a call at 866-624-8225.    

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