Halters and Leads 

Horse halters and leads are undoubtedly the most important and commonly used pieces of tack that any equestrian owns. Many equestrians tend to prefer a certain style and type depending on whether they ride English or western. The kind of halter a rider uses can also depend on whether they are training, schooling or showing. 

Types of Halters 

As you search for a new halter for your favorite equine partner, you'll come across a variety of different types: 

  • Breakaway: Breakaway halters, which feature a combination of leather and nylon, are designed to break or detach if your horse gets caught on something. Though these halters are designed with functionality and safety in mind, you can find them in bright colors and fun prints.
  • Nylon: Nylon halters are durable and easy to maintain. Because they are extremely hard to break, they are often used for grooming and leading.
  • Rope: Rope horse halters often serve well for training purposes. They are strong, durable and available in a wide range of colors.
  • Leather: A leather halter is a traditional, classy piece of tack beloved by English riders. If the leather is taken care of, these halters can last for years.

Choosing the Right Halter

With so many halters to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down your options. To help you decide, think about what you plan on doing while your horse is wearing the halter. Different halter styles can be ideal for applications such as:

  • Grooming.
  • Training.
  • Trailering.
  • Leading and turning out.

No matter which option you choose, your horse's safety and comfort should be the top priority. Make sure the halter fits well and is not tight, rubbing or pinching any area of the horse's face. You should be easily able to slip two fingers underneath the throatlatch and noseband areas.

Importance of Quality 

Be sure to consider the quality of the horse halter you are thinking of buying. You need a halter that you can rely on whether you are training young horses or tying in unfamiliar areas. Remember, only a breakaway halter should detach in emergency situations — all others should be durable enough to withstand daily usage and training.

Importance of a Breakaway Mechanism 

There are certain instances when the breakaway mechanism comes in handy. If you are leaving the halter on when your horse is in the cross ties, turned out in the paddock or pasture, or while being trailered, you need a halter that will break free if your horse gets caught or panics. This mechanism helps protect your horse from serious injury. 

Find Top Quality Halters and Leads at Horse Tack Co.

Horse Tack Co. is your source for quality halters and leads from the brands you love, including Exselle, Tough 1 and Tory Leather. We carry all types and styles of halters, from nylon varieties to silver show halters. We also have no-rub padded halters to keep your horse comfortable and stylish. From foal and mini sizes to designs for full-size horses, we stock what you need to find the perfect fit for your horse. 

And while you're shopping halters, be sure to pick up a matching lead! We have everything from leather horse leads to cotton lead ropes to pair perfectly with your new halter. 

Order your halter and lead today and enjoy our competitive prices and fast shipping. Our team is always available to answer any questions!       

Neoprene Padded HalterNo Rub!PVC coated...
Neoprene Padded HalterNo Rub!PVC coated foam padding on crown and nose. Comes with swivel snap at the throat and heavy duty hardware. A very attractive pattern with black stripes, choose...
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Plaid Nylon Padded HalterTop quality...
Plaid Nylon Padded HalterTop quality halter that features solid brass hardware, metal tip and brass eyelets, adjustable chin and swivel snap on rolled throat. PVC foam padding on the crown...
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Regular price $29.99
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Padded Horse Halter, Crown and...
Padded Horse Halter, Crown and Nose Padding on Great Halter. Soft padded horse halters (so comfy for your horse) with padded crown and nose. Comes with swivel snap at the...
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Regular price $18.80
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