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Grooming tools for Horses.

Horse Tack Co horse grooming supplies. Horse grooming allows you to closely view any problems that need care while allowing you to bond with your horse. Shop Horse Tack Company for all your horse grooming tools.
Horse Tack Company offers virtually every horse grooming product you will ever need. ■ Curry combs or grooming mitts. ■ Body brushes with more stiff bristles. ■ Mane and tail combs. Plastic causes less breakage than metal ones. We have many styles for you to choose from. ■ Fine soft bristled finishing brushes. Natural bristles made of natural fibers like horse, goat and pig hair work best. ■ Hoof pick or hoof pick brush. This is particularly important remember the old saying "no foot no horse". ■ A clean sponge or soft cloth for cleaning eyes and ears and to remove grass and manure stains. We have the horse grooming equipment to enhance the appearance of horses while helping you to keep your horse show ready. Shop Horse Tack Co for all your horse grooming needs today.
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