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Grooming Supplies 

If you've had the chance to observe a herd of horses, you might have noticed two friends standing side by side and grooming each other. This social behavior typically occurs between herdmates who are close companions. For horses, mutual grooming helps them to bond and show affection towards each other. 

Similarly, grooming your own horse offers several benefits for both you and your equine companion. 

The Importance of Grooming Your Horse

Of course, grooming will make your horse clean and shiny, but it offers several benefits beyond just making them look good. Grooming your horse allows you to:

  • Bond and connect.
  • Keep their skin and mane healthy. 
  • Check their body for injuries like cuts, lumps and bumps. 
  • Monitor and prevent hoof issues ranging from thrush to white line.

Grooming your horse is also a relaxing activity that most equestrians enjoy. There is just something about the gentle currying motion or running a comb through your horse's luscious locks that makes stress melt away. You'll probably notice your horse relaxing or even dozing off during their grooming session. 

The Tools You Need

Here are some basic horse grooming supplies every equestrian needs in their horse grooming kit to keep a horse looking and feeling their best: 

  • Curry comb 
  • Soft and stiff brushes 
  • Hoof pick 
  • Mane and tail comb 
  • Shedding block or blade 

If you are getting ready for a show, you might need a few extra grooming supplies in your kit as well:

  • Clippers 
  • Blade for mane pulling 
  • Fetlock scissors 
  • Tail braid and bag
  • Braiding supplies (bands, braiding combs, braid bling, etc.)

How Often Should You Groom Your Horse?

While grooming your horse once a day sounds wonderful, it isn't always realistic for riders or necessary for the horse. Ideal grooming frequency can depend on factors such as your horse's living conditions. For example, if your horse stays in a muddy pasture, it's wise to groom them frequently to check for injuries that might otherwise go unnoticed.

No matter what, though, it's always good practice to give your horse a thorough grooming — including a careful hoof cleaning — before you tack up and head out for a ride. 

Find Everything You Need to Groom Your Horse at Horse Tack Co.

Here at Horse Tack Co., we have all the horse grooming supplies you need to keep your horse's coat, mane, tail and hooves healthy and looking their best. Browse the top brand names you know and love, including Andis, Oster, EquiGroomer and Posture Prep. 

We stock everything from curries to horse shampoos and coat conditioners. We have plenty of discount horse grooming supplies on our site as well. For a fun, glittery touch, check out our Twinkle products in a wide range of colors.

We ship our grooming supplies to riders all over the United States, and we offer flat-rate shipping if your order is over $75. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team of experts via 866-624-8225 or our online contact form.   

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