Horse Grooming Brushes

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Horse Grooming Brushes 

Every equestrian, whether they ride English or western, needs a few basic grooming supplies to keep their horse looking and feeling their best. Grooming does more than just get your horse ready for a riding lesson or show. This process allows you to relax and bond with your horse as well as check them over for any cuts or injuries. 

Because grooming is so important, Horse Tack Co. provides a wide selection of quality grooming supplies that you can depend on while caring for and enjoying time with your horse.

Browse Our Collection of Horse Grooming Supplies 

Here at Horse Tack Co., we have a complete collection of grooming equipment ranging from stable essentials to professional grooming tools. Choose from our:

  • Curry combs: A rubber curry comb is a must-have in any barn. For everything from removing mud to helping shed a winter coat, every equestrian needs a horse curry comb in their grooming box.
  • Brushes: There are three main types of horse brushes: soft, medium and stiff. We carry all three so riders can easily find the exact type they are looking for. 
  • Hoof picks: From the classic hoof pick brush ,stainless steel and ornately carved brass options, we have horse hoof picks to suit all style preferences and needs.
  • Scissors and clippers: For a horse that's ready for the show ring, be sure to check out our scissors and clippers. Whether you need to trim down face whiskers or fetlock hair, our tools will help you get the job done. 
  • Shedding blade: When spring comes, rely on our shedding blades, stripping combs and grooming gloves to restore your horse's sleek summer coat.
  • Mane and tail: We carry a variety of mane and tail combs and brushes as well as de-matting rakes, mane thinning knives, aluminum pulling combs, and sweat scrapers to help your horse achieve luscious locks.

Find the Grooming Supplies You Need to Love the Ride at Horse Tack Co. 

For a perfectly groomed horse from mane to hoof, be sure to check out our collection of grooming supplies at Horse Tack Co. When you order from our site, you can expect competitive prices and fast shipping on all our horse grooming supplies. To learn more about our products, reach out online or give us a call at 866-624-8225.     

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