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Horse Sheets and Coolers 

Both English and western riders need a variety of sheets and coolers to keep their equine partner comfortable and protected from the elements all year long. Horse Tack Co. carries a complete line by some of the top equestrian brands you know and love, including Snuggie Stable Blankets, Exselle, Weatherbeeta, Kensington, Horseware Ireland and Rhino. We also offer blankets in larger sizes, including draft horse sizes all the way up to 98".

Browse Our Complete Line of Horse Blankets 

Here at Horse Tack Co., you'll find a wide range of horse blankets, including:

  • Anti-sweat sheets: With our horse anti-sweat sheet, you'll be able to keep your horse from getting chilled after having a bath or working up a sweat in cooler temperatures. 
  • Day coolers: Horse coolers are similar to anti-sweat sheets, but they are made out of thick wool to help your horse stay warm while drying off in the winter. 
  • Dress sheets: Equestrians who frequently show will appreciate having a stylish dress sheet on hand. These lightweight sheets keep your horse clean and shiny when you are trailering and on the show grounds. 
  • Fly sheets: Our fly sheets offer protection from biting insects when your horse is turned out. These lightweight sheets will keep your horse comfortable without adding bulk during the warmer months. 
  • Quarter sheets: Our horse quarter sheets protect your horse's hindquarter muscles as you are warming them up in the winter months. Choose from fleece or waterproof materials depending on what kinds of environments you plan to ride in. 
  • Stable sheets: Stable sheets, which are usually made out of cotton, offer a lightweight layer for your horse when they are stalled. Horse cotton sheets also work well for layering or trailering.
  • Turnout blankets: Turnout blankets come in varying weights to protect your horse from all types of weather during fall, winter, and early spring. 

We also carry various sheet and cooler accessories, including the following: 

  • Blanket pins
  • Blanket racks
  • Buckles 
  • Cooler clamps 
  • Surcingles 
  • Replacement leg straps 

Enjoy a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Horse Sheets and Coolers From Horse Tack Co. 

Our team of experts at Horse Tack Co. is ready to help you find the perfect sheet or cooler for your equine partner. If you have any questions, give us a call at 866-624-8225 or reach out to our team online.      

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