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Horse Bit Accessories 

Regardless of which discipline you prefer, the bit is one of the most important pieces of tack. It plays a huge role in your horse's comfort and the amount of communication you'll have during your ride. Sometimes, to enhance these qualities, you'll need to add a horse bit accessory. 

Here at Horse Tack Co., we have one of the largest collections of horse bit accessories on the internet so you can find the best deals on everything you need to outfit your bit

Check Out Our Horse Bit Accessories 

Horse Tack Co. has all your horse bit accessories, such as: 

  • Bit guards: A rubber bit guard will protect the corners of your horse's mouth if the bit tends to pinch them there. 
  • Bit loops/keepers: Leather bit keepers and loops help stabilize the bit in your horse's mouth.
  • Bit converters: A bit converter allows you to easily switch from a two-rein bit to a one-rein bit when training your horse. 
  • Curb straps: Curb straps are used with either a curb or Pelham bit to keep it from twisting or moving around in your horse's mouth.
  • Curb chains: Curb chains come in different thicknesses and link sizes. They are all designed to limit mouth pressure and keep the bit from rotating, as these issues can limit the effectiveness of the bit and be uncomfortable for your horse. 
  • Gag cheeks: Gag cheeks, which are used with gag bits, easily slip through the bit and securely attach to the rings to increase their effectiveness.

At Horse Tack Co., we also carry the supplies you need to keep your bit clean. Check out our peppermint-flavored bit wipes that will leave your bit sparkling while also encouraging a more positive association with the bit. We also carry a bit wash for thorough disinfecting as well as Bit Butter to soothe any dry areas of your horse's mouth.

Order Your Top Quality Horse Bit Accessories From Horse Tack Co. Today 

For all your horse bit accessory needs, Horse Tack Co. has you covered. If you need help with sizing or finding the best bit accessory, our team of experts is happy to offer assistance. 

We look forward to helping you and your horse enjoy the ride.                      

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