No Hoof No Horse. One of the most important aspects of Horse care is the proper care of the Hoof. Horse Tack Co. Stocks many Horse Hoof products to assist you with this important grooming task. Picking a horses hoofs is one of the most important aspects of good horse grooming. Horsetack Co offers hoof picks in a number of styles. Brushing out the frog after the hoof has been picked is important. A good hoof pick brush makes fast work of this. From farriers rasps to hoof knives or hoof dressings, Horsetack Co. has the right Hoof care products to keep your horse in sound condition.

Hoof Care for your Horse

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Hoof Vapor BootThe Giddyap Girls...
Hoof Vapor BootThe Giddyap Girls Vapor Boot is designed to be used with Chlorine Dioxide Gas products which are highly effective in the treatment of: White Line Disease, Thrush, Skin...
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