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Full cheek Snaffle Bits by Coronet Trusted Since 1984.

A commonly used English bit, for training and showing. Full cheek Snaffle to Full Cheek Waterford at Horse Tack Company. The distinctive feature of a Full Cheek horse bit is the extended cheeks which range in length. This length is generally determined by the size of the mouthpiece. The chheks havea lateral guidine effect and also prevent the bit from sliding through the mouth. Most of these English riding bits have jointed snaffle mouthpieces. However, there are some with ported, or curved, mouths. Mouthpieces come in stainless steel, copper, mixtures of different metals, rubber, and plastic. The Full cheek Snaffle bit puts pressure on the bars and the tongue. It is also possible but rare to put pressure on the roof of the horse's mouth or the palate. This type of riding bit provides lateral support, which assist with turns. It is customary to use Bit loops on Full cheek bits to keep the cheek pieces vertical while exerting a little downward pressure on the crown of the bridle. Bit loops also present a nicer picture and prevent the end of the cheek from getting caught in the nostril in case of an accident.. Full chek snaffle but are commonly used in different jumping classes.
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