Fly Control for Horses

The applicator mitt is made...
The applicator mitt is made with a soft fleece outside and plastic lining inside and can be used dry to curry or wet for bathing. It's great for applying fly...
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Kensington Fly Mask with Web...
Kensington Fly Mask with Web Trim.Made with a double locking Velcro® closure with heavy-duty elastic neck strap for added durability and safety. Features eye darts to keep mask off facial...
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Horse Fly Gear 

Whether you keep your horse stabled or turned out in a pasture, they need some kind of fly protection. Insects aren't just a nuisance-they can pose a health and safety risk for your horse. Botflies, for example, lay eggs that hatch into parasitic larvae, making your horse sick and uncomfortable. And an unexpected sting from a deer fly during a ride can cause your horse to panic and spook, putting you at risk for injuries or a fall.

Keep Your Horse Protected During the Fly Season With Fly Gear From Horse Tack Co. 

Here at Horse Tack Co., we have a large selection of horse fly gear from top brands including Kensington and Cashel that will help keep your horse comfortable and protected throughout the fly season. Browse our inventory to find products such as: 

  • Horse fly spray: From spray bottles to gallon jugs, we have a wide variety of both natural and sweat-resistant formulas. We also have fly spray wipe applicators and extra spray bottles, which are perfect for mixing concentrates. 
  • Horse fly masks: Keep your horse's sensitive ears and eyes protected with breathable and comfortable mesh fly masks in your favorite patterns and colors. 
  • Horse fly boots: Protect your horse's legs from pesky botfly eggs and biting flies with lightweight and breathable fly boots.
  • Horse fly sheets: While fly spray can wear off over time, fly sheets provide your horse with 24/7 protection from biting insects.

Order the Fly Gear Your Horse Needs Today

At Horse Tack Co., our goal is to help every equestrian and their equine partner love the ride. Whether you need a crocheted fly veil for showing your horse or a new pair of fly boots for time in the pasture, you can always expect competitive prices and fast shipping when you order from our site. 

If you have any questions, just give our team of experts a call at 866-624-8225 or fill out our contact form

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