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Event Tack 

Three-day eventing is a thrilling sport made up of a dressage test, show jumping and cross-country test portion. This discipline requires a lot of intense training and stamina from both the rider and horse. 

To help you perform your best at your next competition, Horse Tack Co. is proud to offer eventing tack and safety equipment.

Find the Event Tack You Need for Schooling and Showing at Horse Tack Co. 

Whether you are new to eventing or compete frequently, you can count on Horse Tack Co. to deliver the quality event tack you need at prices you'll love. We have a wide range of event tack in stock, including: 

  • Competition pinny holders: Easily slip in and pin your competition number inside the double-sided pocket.
  • Cruppers: Help keep your pony or downhill horse's saddle from slipping forward with our cruppers. 
  • Horse earplugs: Prevent distraction and keep your horse focused on the course with a pair of earplugs.
  • Horse studs: Add grip and prevent your horse from slipping in muddy or wet conditions with our front and back horse studs. 

We also carry plenty of event horse tack accessories, including: 

  • Stud plug cleaner and remover.
  • Stud tree: Offers all the studs needed for firm, soft or muddy ground
  • Stud plugs: keeps dirt out of the tap holes in horse shoes 
  • Tee taps: High quality T taps to thread the holes in horseshoes 

Order Top-Quality Event Riders' Horse Tack Today

For you and your horse to train and compete at peak performance, you need quality event tack that fits both horse and rider. At Horse Tack Co., we have a broad product range to ensure you can easily find the event tack you need to succeed on the course. 

When you order from our site, you'll be able to take advantage of our flat-rate shipping on all orders over $75. If you have any questions about our event tack, we have a knowledgeable team ready to help — just reach out by calling 866-624-8225 or by filling out our contact form.          

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