English Spurs and Spur Straps

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Amish Made Brass Buckle Spur...
Amish Made Brass Buckle Spur Straps These beautiful spur straps made of English Bridle Leather featuring double keepers on them. It's a much nicer look than having gold spurs and...
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Spurs and Spur Straps 

After you've found the perfect spur for you and your horse, you need something that will securely hold it in place. A spur strap, which buckles onto the outside of your riding boots, keeps your spurs safe and secure whether you're on foot or on horseback.

Types of Spur Straps

Because the types of spurs and styles used by riders are different, there are spur straps designed specifically for both English and Western riders. English spur straps tend to come in simple black leather styles, whereas Western spur straps can be either simple and functional or tooled and bedazzled depending on the rider's taste. 

Browse Our Collection of Spur Straps 

Horse Tack Co. carries a wide variety of spur straps from the top equestrian brands you trust, including Kinkade, Coronet and Exselle. You'll find matching spur straps for all of the spurs we have on our site. 

Whether you need a spur strap for training or competing, you'll find plenty of brown and black leather options as well as tooled and engraved styles.

Enjoy a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Spur Straps From Horse Tack Co.

Here at Horse Tack Co., we want to make every rider tack happy. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders, along with competitive prices, fast shipping and expert service. 

If you have any questions about which of our spur straps would work best with your spurs, send us a message or give our knowledgeable team a call at 866-624-8225.         

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