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Horse Tack Co Offers Dressage, Jump, Half Pads By PRI, Maxtra, Fleeceworks, Roma And Comfort Plus.

English Saddle pads were originally designed to keep sweat and dirt off a saddle.

Today riders have become more aware of the conformation differences in horses and that a perfect fitting saddle is difficult to achieve. Saddle pads have become more important in achieving a better fit. However, if a saddle is too narrow no amount of padding will correct this. You can fill in if the saddle is a bit wide or you can raise the back or front of a saddle. Also some saddles may bridge so you can fill in here. The types of materials being used in saddle pads today are helping with these tasks. If your saddle does fit then a nice cotton saddle pad may be all you need. Sheepskin and other materials like the Thinline foam which not only cushions and disperses weight but breaths and circulates air, will aid in relieving pressure and heat from the horses back. Horse Tack Co. offers a wide selection of saddle pads for every type of rider at prices that are hard to resist. Shop Horse Tack Company for the perfect saddle pad.

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