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English Tack 

Whether you ride for fun on the weekends or train competitively every day, having quality English tack that fits both you and your horse is key to loving the ride. At Horse Tack Co., you'll find an extensive collection of competitively priced English tack from top equestrian brands such as Pro-Trainer®, Exselle® and Coronet®.

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Stirrup Leathers by Pro-Trainer® 3/4 hole, premium Stirrup leathers that are triple stitched at the stirrup buckle. Made in the USA. Color: Brown or Black
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$29.95 Sale Regular price $64.95
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Types of English Tack 

Regardless of which English discipline you ride, you'll always use the same basic tack:

  • Saddle 
  • Stirrup leathers and stirrups 
  • Saddle pad
  • Bridle 
  • Bit 
  • Reins
  • Girth 

Then, depending on which discipline you ride, the style of each piece of tack will vary. Tack for dressage riders is designed to encourage a deeper seat while jumpers need tack that allows them to easily get up and into a jumping position. Tack leather colors also vary depending on which discipline you ride — dressage riders use mainly black leather tack, while you'll find more brown leather in the hunter jumper ring. 

The Importance of Quality English Tack 

All English riders need to ensure that their tack is top quality for the sake of their horse's comfort and safety. A poorly fitting saddle can pinch sensitive withers and nerves. When this happens, horses may begin to act out from the pain. Whether they are kicking out, rearing or bucking, their responses to discomfort can be dangerous for the rider as well. 

Keep in mind that all tack — not just the saddle — needs to be carefully chosen and properly measured to ensure it fits and suits the horse well. After all, even something as simple as an ill-fitting or dirty girth can lead to painful girth galls. 

Even if your tack is high quality, you still need to regularly care for and inspect it. Make it a habit to wipe down your tack with a damp rag to remove any arena dust and dirt after a riding session. This is a good opportunity to check your tack for excessive wear or other damage. Pay special attention to areas where the leather tends to rub or wear out more quickly, such as the billets and off billets as well as stirrup leathers.

Every so often, you'll also want to clean and condition the leather on your bridle, stirrup leathers and saddle to ensure it stays soft and supple. When you store your tack after cleaning, make sure to place it out of direct sunlight and protect it from moisture. Regularly caring for your tack ensures you'll be able to keep using and enjoying it for years to come.

Choosing the Right English Tack for Your Horse 

When you are trying to choose the right pieces of English tack, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind: 

  • What discipline do you want to ride?  
  • What are your training needs and goals? 
  • Will you be mainly schooling or showing? Most disciplines will have specific rules you need to follow if you show.
  • What is your horse's size? Cob is 500 to 800 lbs., Horse 800 to 1100 Lbs., Warm blood 1100 to 1800 lbs.
  • What is your size?
  • Do you or your horse have any special needs? For example, if your horse has a swayback or if you suffer from knee pain while riding, you can choose specific tack to accommodate these issues. 

Remember, you and your horse are partners, so the tack you choose needs to fit you and your needs along with those of your horse.

Find the English Tack You Need to Love the Ride at Horse Tack Co. 

At Horse Tack Co., you'll find top equestrian brands such as Cashel, Coronet and Herm Sprenger. Whether you are looking for an English bridle or an English girth, you'll find the tack you need at prices you'll love. 

Browse our dressage bridles and girths for showing or leather standing or running martingales for training — and enjoy them quickly thanks to our quick shipping. If you have any questions, give us a call at 866-624-8225 or fill out our contact form.        

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