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A flexible repair adhesive to...
A flexible repair adhesive to contain and waterproof the nicks that your blanket may pick up over the years.Net Weight: 15 grams
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Dog Blankets 

At Horse Tack Co., we know that many equestrians enjoy bringing their dogs along to the barn or taking them on outdoor adventures. That's why we offer a wide range of cooling and heating dog blankets, beds and coats to keep your furry friend comfortable year-round

Our Collection of Dog Coats Designed for All Weather Conditions 

Here at Horse Tack Co., you'll be able to browse dog blankets from some of the top name brands, including Weatherbeeta, High Spirit and Techniche. Our collection includes: 

  • Cooling dog coats: Our Techniche cooling dog coats will keep your dog cool and comfortable on those hot, sunny days. If you are planning on bringing your dog along to an all-day show, this lightweight coat can be soaked ahead of time to provide hours of cooling relief. 
  • Rain coats: Be prepared for inclement weather with our High Spirit dog raincoat. Along with being waterproof, these coats offer polyfil lining for a bit of added insulation.
  • Fleece dog coats: When the temperatures start to drop, our High Spirit fleece plaid dog coat will help keep the chill away. With the stylish plaid pattern, your furry friend will turn heads wherever you take them.
  • Heated dog coats: Just like your horse, your dog might need some added warmth and protection in the winter months. Our Techniche heating dog coat offers hours of warmth while helping repel rain, wind and snow. 

Along with our line of cooling and heated dog coats, we also carry Techniche Thermafur heating dog pads designed to fit a wide range of dog crates.

Order One of Our Durable, Long-Lasting Dog Coats Today

Here at Horse Tack Co., we sell dog blankets made using the same top-quality materials that your horse wears. Regardless of what kind of blanket or coat you need, you can feel confident knowing that your dog will stay protected and comfortable while outdoors. With a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from, you'll be sure to find the perfect style and fit. 

If you have any questions or need help choosing a dog blanket, just give us a call at 866-624-8225 or fill out our online contact form.        

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