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Snaffle Dee Bits from Horse Tack Company, Hunter Dee to The Racing Dee Bit provides greater lateral support for Hunter Jumpers, Endurance, or All Purpose Riders.

Dee Ring Snaffle Bits are named because of the shape of the cheek piece. Over time the size of the Dee bit has changed from the small Dee commonly used on race horses. In the early 90's larger Dee Bits were introduced to the hunter scene. Popularity grew rapidly with these larger Dee bits.
Dee bits offer more lateral control than ring bits and are made with many different mouth pieces. However, the jointed snaffle mouth is the most common and places pressure on the bars, tongue and on the roof of the mouth. Other mouthpieces include the Waterford, Doctor Bristol and French Links
Horse Tack Co. stocks many sizes to fit miniature horses all the way to draft horses. We have over 1200 English Bits in stock, making it easy to find the style of Dee Bit you need.
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