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Mini Horse Bits

Miniature horses are found in many countries and have been increasing in popularity in the United States. The designation of a horse as miniature is determined by the height of the animal, which is usually less than 34 to 38 inches when measured at the highest point of the wither. 

While small, minis retain horse characteristics and are considered "horses" by their respective registries. Their gentle and curious dispositions make them popular as pets and even therapy horses.

While these characteristics make them beloved by many, finding tack, such as bits, can be difficult because of their small stature. At Horse Tack Co., whether you need a bit for long lining or driving, we stock a large selection of mini horse bits.

About Miniature Horse Bits 

Here at Horse Tack Co., our miniature horse bits come in a variety of styles. We have some of the best brands in the industry — including Coronet miniature horse bits — so you can find quality tack that fits and lasts.

Finding the Right Bit for Your Mini

Just like with a regular size horse, it's important to make sure your mini horse's bit fits properly. A bit that doesn't fit can pinch your mini's lips, rub and cause a lot of pain. When you are looking for your next bit, be sure to consider your mini's conformation, face and mouth size, and level of training.

In general, there are two main types of bits to consider — snaffle and leverage (curb bits). Snaffle bits are direct pull bits, meaning the pressure goes directly to your mini's mouth when you pull on the reins. Curb bits use leverage, meaning your mini will feel the pressure from the reins in their mouth and against their poll. 

These types of bits also come in different ring sizes, including half-rings and D-rings with various mouthpiece designs.

Find the Perfect Bit for Your Mini Horse at Horse Tack Co.

At Horse Tack Co., you'll find the mini bits you need at the prices you love. If you need help finding the right fit for your mini, we are happy to help. Just give us a call at 866-624-8225 or reach out online and our experienced staff will help you find the perfect bit for your mini.                    

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