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Some horses tend to move with their head and neck high and their back tense and hollow, so training aids are sometimes needed to encourage them to hold themselves in a healthier way. The chambon encourages horses to move in a long and low frame and use their bodies correctly. 

Because of these benefits, many riders will use the chambon as the first step in their horse's training program. It can help them develop their topline and learn how to stay relaxed when moving forward on the lunge line.

How Does a Chambon Work? 

The chambon attaches onto either a girth or a surcingle. It goes under the horse's neck and over their poll, and then clips onto each bit ring. It can be adjusted based on how high you'd like your horse to be able to lift their head. By applying gentle pressure on the poll when the horse reaches that point, the chambon encourages the horse to keep their head low. 

Training Aids Similar to a Chambon for Horses

There are two other types of training aids that are closely related to the chambon:

  • Neck stretcher: A neck stretcher, also referred to as a German elastic, can be used when lunging and riding. It encourages the horse to move with a better head carriage while helping them build muscle in their topline. 
  • De Gogue: The De Gogue helps the horse to free their shoulders and engage their hocks. Just like the neck stretcher, this aid can also be used when riding.

Find Quality Leather Chambons and Training Aids at Horse Tack Co.

At Horse Tack Co., we carry a variety of leather chambons, neck stretchers and De Gogues designed to help you stimulate your horse's muscles and encourage healthy movement. Choose from either black or brown leather chambons to match the rest of your tack.

Place your order today and enjoy our competitive prices, fast processing and low shipping rates. For more information on our training aid selection, feel free to connect with our team online or at 866-624-8225.       

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