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Breyer Horses

Horse Tack Company maintains a huge inventory of Breyer model horses and offers you expert advice and fast shipping. Breyer collectible model horses are fun for kids of all ages, and should never be thought of as just toys — they can have great value as collectibles. Some discontinued Bryer models are highly sought after by collectors. 

Breyer Farms Stable Playset has...
Breyer Farms Stable Playset has unique lifetable roof panels, working doors and windows, and 7 stalls, the Breyer Farms Stable allows for engaging play from every angle. Whether you’re dreaming...
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Regular price $99.99
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The Unicorn Magic Wooden Carry...
The Unicorn Magic Wooden Carry StableThe Unicorn Magic Wooden Carry Stable comes complete with 6 Stablemates unicorns. Designed to be easy for small hands to carry, the wooden carry case...
Regular price $24.99
Regular price $24.99
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Play and go!  This high...
Play and go!  This high quality wood stable comes complete with 6 Stablemates horses. Designed to be easy for small hands to carry, the wooden carry case makes the perfect...
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Breyer Horse Doll.New and improved!...
Breyer Horse Doll.New and improved! Breyer's Traditional 8" female rider figures are now sporting newly-sculpted, contemporary faces and new hairstyles!Megan is dressed in a formal shadbelly, white show shirt and...
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The History of Breyer Horses

The history of Breyer horses is very interesting and many books have been printed describing the trail that Breyer rode. You will also find many books describing each Breyer model horse, the year of manufacture, and the value. These books are a good place to start if you wish to find out the value of your Breyer collection. 

Breyer, which was originally referred to as the Breyer Molding Company, was founded almost 70 years ago. Interestingly, the first model horse, the #57 Western Horse, was not even created to be a toy or a collectible. This model was designed for the F.W. Woolworth Company to accent a mantelpiece clock. Since then, Breyer has designed and crafted thousands of models, which are adored and collected by children and adults all over the world.

Now, decades later, Breyer is still just as dedicated to making the World's Finest Model Horses. To ensure that each model looks as realistic as possible, a leading equine expert crafts each artist's sculpture by hand. Then, the finishing touches are added by hand using either paintbrushes or airbrushes.

Breyer Horses 

At Horse Tack Co., our Breyer horse models come in Traditional, Classics, and Stablemates sizes. Regardless of which current or retired Breyer horse you choose, these detailed models are a great way to bring a little bit of your best friend indoors. 

Both English and Western riders will find the breeds and disciplines they know and love. Choose from popular breeds such as a quarter horse, saddlebred, Arabian, and mustang. Your model horse is designed to authentically replicate the breed of your choice — from the colors and markings to the muscle structure. We even carry Breyer unicorns for those who want to add a whimsical and magic touch to their stable. 

You'll also find plenty of Breyer collections such as the Spirit Horse Collection, Wind Dancers, and Stablemates horses.

Breyer Horse and Stable Essentials  

On our online store, we offer a complete collection of both retired and current Breyer horse accessories. Because every horse needs a home, choose from our realistic Breyer barns and stables. We also carry all the stable supplies you need to keep your Breyer horse happy and healthy, including a feeding set and grooming kit. 

With tack, trucks, and trailers, you'll find all the accessories to get your horse ready for casual barn hacks or off-property shows. 

Collecting Breyer Horse Models and Accessories

Whether you are a new collector or you've been building your model herds for years, there are many ways to collect Breyer model horses. Some collect horses by breed, others limited additions, and others by color, and some just pick their favorites. Whatever method you choose, Horse Tack Co. is sure to have what you need at a price you will like.        

Join the legacy by starting or expanding on your Breyer horse collection and enjoy your authentic, realistic models for years to come.

Horse Tack Co. Is Your Online Source for Breyer Horses and Accessories 

As the online horse supply store for Equestrian International, Horse Tack Co. has the name brands of horse and rider tack, accessories, and collectibles that equestrians love. While we are based right in the heart of Amish country in New Holland, Pennsylvania, we ship our Breyer horses and accessories throughout the United States.

If you are a Breyer horse collector and are looking for something special, our on-staff Breyer collectible horse expert will answer your question or help pick out just the right Breyer horse. We have a huge inventory of all Breyer horse categories including all the accessories. Buy your Breyer collectible horses with the confidence of a true collector. 

Order Your Breyer Horse Models From Horse Tack Co. Today

When you order your Breyer horses from Horse Tack Co., you can expect competitive prices and fast order processing. All orders over $75 allow you to take advantage of our quick flat-rate shipping. 

We've been making riders and horses tack happy since 1996, and we look forward to doing the same for you!      

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