Breyer Horse Plush Toys

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Breyer Horse Plush Toys 

Breyer model horses are renowned all over the world for their beauty and realistic appearance. Now, you can experience these same true-to-life details in a line of Breyer plush toys. These plush toys, which are created by Aurora, feature detailed embroidery to replicate the same features found on a real horse. With their high-quality materials, both young and old will love playing with, admiring and collecting these plush equines. 

Browse Our Collection of Breyer Horse Plush Toys 

At Horse Tack Co., you'll find a great collection of Breyer horse plush toys. The Breyer Plush Little Bits Ponies, which are all 7 inches in height, come in black, brown and tan. With their soft bodies and flowing manes and tails, these ponies are sure to be instant favorites. 

Along with our ponies, we also have a Breyer Spirit plush toy collection featuring Spirit, Chica Linda and Boomerang. Those who adore this classic film or love the rugged and untamed spirit of the West will find these mustang plush toys simply irresistible. 

Horse Tack Co.: Your Source for Breyer Plush Products

The Horse Tack Co. collection of Breyer horse plush toys is great when you want to treat yourself to a Breyer collectible. They also make a perfect gift for a young horse lover. With our range of colors, you'll easily be able to find the perfect plush pony.

Browse our Breyer plush toys, choose your favorite and take advantage of our competitive rates and fast shipping. We look forward to providing you with Breyer collectibles you'll enjoy for years to come!     

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