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Find all the Breyer horse products that make playing with Breyer toys an all-around experience. Horse Tack Co. offers a complete selection of current and retired Breyer horses and accessories. Complete your Breyer horse collection with a Breyer barn. Then add Breyer tack, Breyer horse blankets and Breyer stable supplies. You can build a complete Breyer ranch or stable with all the Breyer accessories now available. 

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Breyer Horse Doll.New and improved!...
Breyer Horse Doll.New and improved! Breyer's Traditional 8" female rider figures are now sporting newly-sculpted, contemporary faces and new hairstyles!Megan is dressed in a formal shadbelly, white show shirt and...
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Build Your Dream Barn

Here at Horse Tack Co., we carry Breyer horse models in the Stablemates, Classics and Traditional sizes. After you've chosen your favorite breed, it's time to start building your dream barn. Find the Breyer horse accessories you need to accomplish that by browsing:

  • Barns: From traditional barns to deluxe barns complete with a decorative cupola, Horse Tack Co. has a variety of barn sizes and styles to choose from.
  • Stable supplies: In addition to the standard stable mucking and feed accessories needed to keep your stalls spotless and your horses happy and healthy, we also carry Breyer show stable accessories. Equestrians who love the thrill of competing will be delighted to transform their standard barn into a show stable complete with aisle drapes and ribbons.
  • Corrals and jumps: To keep your Breyer horse models safe when they are turned out, set up a wood corral near your barn. We also have plenty of jumps to choose from so you can set up a cross-country course.
  • Truck and trailer: When you need to haul your Breyer horse to a trail or a show, trust our truck and two-horse trailer to get them there safely. We even carry blankets and show boots in different colors to let your horse travel in comfort and style. 
  • Tack: Choose from tack ranging from western pleasure to dressage saddles. Horse Tack Co. also carries plenty of saddle pads, polos and halters to complete the look. 
  • Grooming kits: From a curry comb to a hoof pick, our grooming kit includes all the standard horse grooming supplies. 

Find the Breyer Horse Accessories You Know and Love at Horse Tack Co.

With our competitive prices and fast shipping, you can feel confident choosing Horse Tack Co. for all your Breyer horse accessory needs. If you have any questions about our Breyer horse models or accessories, one of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to answer your questions.         

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