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Bandages for Horses 

Horses tend to be prone to injuries like cuts and scrapes — especially when their owners least expect it. Whether your horse is currently dealing with an injury or you want to be prepared for one in the future, there are a few essential bandages you'll want to be sure to keep in your equine first aid kit. 

Types of Bandages

Depending on your routine, you may need several different styles of bandages and leg wraps to keep your horse's legs at their healthiest. Some of the common types include:  

  • Bandages and leg wraps: Used primarily to offer protection so a wound stays clean and heals. You can apply these wraps when training, stabling and trailering your horse.
  • Polo wraps: Used when riding to support the horse's legs and guard against strains, scrapes and bruises.
  • Stable bandages and standing bandages: Used to hold dressings, no bows, pillow wraps or a poultices in place.
  • Quilted wraps: Used as either a bandage or for added leg protection when trailering your horse.
  • No Bow tendon wraps: Leg is wraps offer support for all the extra weight the tendon is now bearing. Depending on the severity of the injury the horse may need leg wraps for up to three weeks. 

Find Quality Horse Bandages and Leg Wraps at Horse Tack Co. 

Trust Horse Tack Co. for the bandages and leg wraps you need to protect your equine partner and prevent further injury. You'll find a variety of wrap sizes available — from pony to average and large horse. 

Shop our large selection of supplies, which includes: 

  • Cotton pillow wraps.
  • Extra-long standing bandages. 
  • Fleece leg wraps.
  • Polo wraps.
  • Quilted leg wraps. 
  • Ice boots.
  • Vet Wrap

For your convenience, we also carry accessories and extras such as bandage pins, bandage rollers and laundry bags for cleaning polo wraps. 

Order Your Bandages and Leg Wraps Today

At Horse Tack Co., we offer fast shipping so you can receive your first aid essentials as soon as possible. Let us know if you have any questions or need help choosing a bandage by giving us a call at 866-624-8225 or by filling out our contact form.         

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