Ariat Tall Riding Boots

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Ariat Tall Riding Boots

For years, English riders have relied on Ariat tall riding boots to train and show their horses. With their top-quality leather and stylish cuts, these boots help riders feel confident both in and out of the saddle.

Types of Tall Boots 

There are three main types of tall boots, each designed with a different purpose and created for a specific discipline:

  • Field boots: Field boots, commonly used by hunters/equitation or eventing riders, offer a close-contact feel in the saddle. To achieve this, these boots are usually made out of very soft leather. As a decorative touch, field boots have laces across the boot's instep.  
  • Dress boots: Dress boots are commonly worn in more formal hunter or jumper classes as well as lower-level dressage classes. The leather can range from soft to slightly firm. Unlike field boots, these boots don't have any decorative elements like laces. 
  • Dressage boots: Dressage boots, like their name suggests, are designed for and used by dressage riders. These boots are cut fairly straight and use stiff leather to support and encourage the rider to maintain a longer leg in the saddle. 

Browse Our Collection of Ariat Tall Boots 

Whether you need a tall boot for schooling or showing, Horse Tack Co. carries Ariat tall boots for riders of all levels. We have a wide range of sizes so all equestrians can easily find the perfect fit.

With our extensive boot collection, competitive prices and fast shipping, Horse Tack Co. looks forward to helping you love the ride. To learn more about our boots or other products, give us a call at 866-624-8225 or send a quick message online.         

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