Winter Is Coming: How To Clean A Horse Blanket

by Jordan Manfredi

Cleaning your horse's blanket is important. It might not seem like a big deal but you don't want to put a dirty blanket away. It can begin to smell and even get mildew on it if not stored properly. Our friends at came up with the following solution. This simple 8 step process is easy to follow and well worth the time


  • A place to hang the blanket (preferably outside: on a fence, metal chairs, or some metal rack. It needs to be sturdy!)
  • Access to a hose
  • Access to a washing machine (I use a top-loading machine.)
  • Laundry soap


  1. Grab your dirty horse blanket and hang it on a fence, preferably near a hose. Beat (with a broom or tennis racket) or shake the blanket out to get off any dirt, horse shavings, bugs, etc.
  2. Rinse your blanket with water from a hose until all of the horse sweat and dirt is removed. This step is super important to make sure no shavings, horse hair, etc. gets stuck in your washing machine.
  3. Let the blanket drip-dry for about an hour. Blankets are heavy when wet!
  4. Place the horse blanket in the washing machine by itself. Use your best judgement for how much soap you want to use. My horse’s blanket is very large and fills the entire washing machine. I put enough soap for a full load.
  5. Turn on the machine to a heavy-duty wash setting. (An extra rinse cycle, with cold or warm water.)
  6. Once the blanket runs through the cycle, place the blanket back on a fence or rack outside.
  7. Depending on how thick your blanket is, your washing machine may not be able to rinse all of the soap out. You may need to rinse the blanket with a hose again.
  8. Hang the blanket up outside for a few hours, or overnight, to ensure the material dry enough for storing. (I never use the dryer for the horse blanket.)
Again, pre-rinsing your horse blanket is super important!

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