Winter is Coming Part II: Measuring for a Blanket in 5 Easy Steps

by Jordan Manfredi
Good Fit: A blanket that fits well will not be too tight or loose in any one area. Most blankets have many adjustable elements, but the length must be correct. The blanket should cover your horse from withers to tail without too much overhang, and without pulling in any section. Too Large: A blanket that is too big for your horse can move around on his body, causing a potentially unsafe situation if he steps on it or gets his leg caught in a strap. A loose blanket is also less effective at keeping out winter weather. Too Small: If your horse has a blanket that is too small, it may leave some parts of his body exposed to the elements. Tight-fitting sections can also rub out his hair or lead to sores. A small blanket will also restrict your horse's movement, making it more difficult for him to run or walk through deep snow. (Courtesy of HorseChannel) Just right: 1. Make sure your horse is on a flat surface and standing as square as possible. 2. Grab a flexible tape measure and place one end of your tape measure at the center of the horse’s chest, over the high point of the shoulder. 3. Hold the tape measure in place and run it alongside the horse’s body until you reach the rear of the hind leg. It’s best to have a someone to help you with this part. 4. Your total measurement in inches should equal a blanket size. 5. If not, simply round up to the next available size. Blanket_measure

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