Winter Is Coming! Are You Prepared With Your Horse Blankets?

by Jordan Manfredi
In this 3 part series we will be discussing the importance of getting your horse the proper blanket as well as suggesting styles that might work best and the significance of properly fitting the blanket. In years past horse blankets were not as critical as they are today. There are reasons for this. Within the last 50 years, the equine industry has evolved immensely. During this time, an evolution has occurred from a few people using horse blankets to the majority of horse owners using some sort of a blanket. Horses in general have evolved from animals used for transportation and labor to companions or pets. More horses reside in the USA today than in the early 1900’s and certainly more of these horses are used for pleasure and leisure time activities than anything else. Therefore the way horses are viewed today has a lot to do with the way they are kept and treated. Long ago blankets were used as fly protection and to cool horses down after workouts, heavy canvas blankets were used for warmth and rain protection. In the early 1980’s the New Zealand type turnout blankets were so popular that they couldn’t even stay in stock. However everyone who remembers those blankets knows they were very heavy, did not launder, and tore pretty easily. Later new high tech materials replaced these turnouts. We now had light weight waterproof and even breathable materials to work with and we could wash them. Repairs were even completed more readily. Colors were limited in those days, but not anymore. That brings us to the present. How do we decide which blankets to use? Quality and cost are two factors to consider. Here are some to consider: Exselle® Prima Turnout Blanket
  • Contoured top line that helps keep the blanket in place
  • Outside-Waterproof and breathable 600 denier rip stop material
  • Inside- 180 grams of Hollow fill insulation and a 190 denier nylon Exselle logo lining. All seams are welded and reinforced
  • Tail guard and adjustable leg straps included; Double closure at the chest and one surcingle
  • Fleece at withers to prevent rubbing
  • High shoulder gussets allow freedom of movement
  • Sizes: 68-98; Colors: Raspberry with Black, Red with Black, Emerald with Black, Lime with Black, Purple with Black and Royal Blue with Black
  • Retail Price: Starting at $113.40
Exselle® North Wind Supreme Turnout Blanket
  • This powerhouse turnout blanket is lightweight weighing in at only 7 pounds
  • Outside: The outer shell is made of a rip stop, waterproof, breathable 1200 Denier super tough material
  • Inside: 300 grams of polyfill insulation with a satin-nylon liner in a weave material
  • Comes with shoulder gussets for freedom of movement, wither fleece protector, tail guard, adjustable and removable leg straps, double closure at the chest and low bias surcingle's
  • This blanket features a non-slip design and no center seam to prevent leaks
  • Sizes: 56”-86”; Colors: Hunter Green with Navy Blue trim
  • Retail Price: $121.99
Exselle® Fly Bye™ Fly Sheet and Removable Hood With Repellant
  • Infused with EPA approved insect repellent to repel fleas, flies, ticks and mosquitoes for up to 2 years (under normal conditions) or 25 cool water washings.
  • Non allergenic material
  • Non toxic to humans or animals
  • Lined shoulder and mane guard
  • Comes with removable neck protector
  • Sizes: 66”-84”; Color: Silver with Navy Blue Trim
  • Retail Price: $129.49

Next week is all about fit! Be sure to look for our easy step by step process.

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