Why Treat, When You Can Prevent?

by Jordan Manfredi
Whatever their cause, ulcers are painful and disrupt an equine’s performance and daily life. What's worse, is that some horses don't make the presence of an ulcer obvious to you. This means that the damage can be more extensive before anything is ever done about it. And then? -- It's tube after tube of some sort of treatment, a change in diet, and more. It's never convenient, or cost effective. But what if you could prevent ulcers from ever happening in the first place? Horse Gold was determined to formulate a new unique product that can prevent gastric ulcers in the equine. This exciting product has finally arrived -- Gastromax3. But what sets this product apart, making it different than the common treatment products? It's a combination of three ingredients that work together to give your equine the protection it needs against gastric ulcers: Omeprazole, L-Glutamine, and Sodium Acid Carbonate p-79334-62868-horse Gatric Ulcers effect up to 90% of thoroughbreds and 60% show horses. And when your horse is distressed, so are you! Gastromax3's dosed proprietary formula was created in order to prevent that from happening. Not convinced? How about seeing what a user of GastroMax3 has to say about their experience with it: “I have a cribber who was treated for ulcers in October 2012 and was fine until we changed barns. I noticed her cribbing excessively, kicking when it was feeding time, poor attitude among other things. My insurance will not cover her ulcers anymore so I was trying the most cost effective route possible. I ordered 14 tubes of the GastroMax3 and followed the following dosing - one tube once a day for the first 7 days and then half a tube once daily for 14 days. After about day 5 we could see a huge improvement and she has been great for about 2 months now. Great product and it does work!-Dixie704 Want to learn more about diagnosing ulcers in your horse? Check out this video, by DePaolo (DVM), on an alternative method to checking for ulcers. One that you can do, yourself! http://youtu.be/Fr05hMmLCY4 If you've already tried GastroMax3, we'd love to hear from you! CLICK HERE, to rate and leave feedback about the product!

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