What 3 Characteristics Make You a True Horse Person?

What 3 Characteristics Make You a True Horse Person?

by Jordan Manfredi
By Horse Tack Co staff Horse people are an incredibly interesting breed and we wanted to find out what makes a true horse person. So we got answers, straight from the horse's mouth by asking our wonderful Horse Tack Co. Facebook fans what they believed were the 3 most important qualities that a horse person must possess. Over the next week or so, we watched as dozens of Facebook comments poured in from all over the country and we were delighted to see that so many of our fans took the time to share your equine-related lessons learned with others, so that they too can “Love the Ride”. We then sorted through some of the post's most well-received answers and compiled them here for you.

What 3 Qualities Must a True Horse Person Possess?

Megan + Ember Megan + Ember
“1. It means a love for horses-a deep abiding passion for all things equine. 2. It means treating the horses correctly and putting their needs ahead of your own. You must understand that they are living, breathing, thinking, and feeling creatures. They are individuals in their own right, not something put on this Earth to be used. 3. It means not standing silently by when someone is mistreating a horse. Whether it is a competitor at a show who is being abusive, or a skinny horse starving in someone's backyard. If you call yourself a true horse person, you speak up in defense of all equines.”- Megan Roberts
horse person Stacy and On the Square, aka Harry. Stacy and On the Square, aka Harry.
"1. Really knowing your horse - what he eats, how much he drinks, what his normal temperature is, any allergies, how he ships and how he is with other horses. I would add that this also includes knowing your horse IN the tack as well - how he needs to be warmed up, strengths, weaknesses and everything in between. 2. Knowing "horse care” is more than just picking up a brush once in awhile. Grooming your horse at shows and at home and muucking his stall. Being able to wrap a leg correctly, treat a wound, pack a hoof, braid a mane and how to put on boots with the velcro in the correct direction. 3. Acknowledge that there are no shortcuts or quick fixes to making up a horse - no magic bit or gadget, no fancy saddle or bridle. Pushing your horse too fast only causes problems later or breaks their will (or their body) and if you are a true horse person, you want a lasting partnership and are working to create a willing partner.”- Stacy Bromley Cheetham
horse person Megan Roberts + Pogo PC: Mario Apolito Megan Roberts + Pogo PC: Mario Apolito
"1. It means horses first. 2. It means you groom your horse before you saddle it, you ride it correctly and with compassion, never asking more than it can give. 3. It means taking care of your horse after your ride, before you take care of yourself. Don't hand it off to a groom. That horse worked hard for you, so work hard for your horse and show it the proper respect."- Alyx Barter
horse person Jordan on a riding adventure in New Zealand Jordan on a riding adventure in New Zealand
“1. Spending as much time grooming and bonding, as you do riding. Respect each other and care for each other. It's not a 1 way street and quality time matters. 2. Knowing that a stronger bit will not do the trick. 3. Your horse should enjoy his/her job. As a dear friend, trainer and colleague,AJ Moran from Boulder Ridge Equine once told me- "you can't fit a square peg into a round hole." Not all horses are meant to be jumpers or hunters etc. A happy horse is a happy life.”- Jordan Manfredi
horse person Shannon and Escobar Shannon and Escobar
“Being a true horse person means putting the horse before yourself: 1. Their needs before yours. 2. Their needs before your goals. 3. Their needs even if it brings you pain or heartbreak. Their needs. …The horse is a partner called up to serve and the truest way we can honor our friends for their service is to put their needs first.”- Shannon Fox We want to give a big thanks to all our contributors and fans for sharing their words of wisdom. Do you have thoughts you’d like to share about what a true horse person is to you? Please share in our comments section above. We’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget, if you need any products for you or your horse to help you “Love the Ride”, please check out the Horse Tack Co website and use the promo code “LoveTheRide” to receive 15% off your entire order. Happy trails from our family to yours.

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