We're Big on Marilyn Little

by Jordan Manfredi
Marilyn Little is a Grand Prix Show Jumper and International Event Rider. She is also a 2KGrey ambassador and stopped by our Horse Tack Co. booth at Fair Hill International back in October to talk to fans.

Marilyn got her first pony before she was even born -it was a baby shower gift to her mother from a family friend. She started competing at 7 and by 10 she was riding horses and it was the start of her career. She competed throughout school and following graduation from college, Marilyn became a presence on the International field while competition riding in Mexico on the 2004 Olympic Trial tour. In 2010, Marilyn began Eventing in addition to show jumping. A year later, Marilyn was added to the US Equestrian Eventing Team’s High Performance Squad, and began competing abroad to represent the United States in both Eventing and Show Jumping.

Marilyn is currently preparing for the three day Rolex Event in Lexington Kentucky. She has already qualified and will be riding her 11-year-old mare RF Demeter. She recently competed at The Fair Hill International Show where we caught up with her. She was in good spirits and happy to visit with fans and discuss all the great things that have been happening in her career and offering tips and tricks to aspiring riders.


Marilyn holds clinics upon request, and travels eighty percent of the year throughout the US and Europe with many students, horses, multiple trailers, and often her cat The Snook.

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