USEF National Four-In-Hand Champion Chester Weber is a Horse Quencher Convert!

by Jordan Manfredi
Chester Weber is a Horse Quencher Convert Chester Weber is a Horse Quencher Convert

Horse Quencher helps Chester's horses stay hydrated, healthy and happy

Click here to see what Chester Weber has to say about Horse Quencher Combined Driver Chester Weber, whose name has become synonymous with Four-in-Hand driving throughout the world, achieved what no other driver has even done before when in March of 2010 he won the USEF National Four-In-Hand Championship for a record eighth year in a row. Well known for being a driver who sets goals and achieves them, following his eighth win Weber turned his attention to the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. Weber raised the bar to a new standard as an ambassador for the USEF. With Jamaica, who was rescued from a slaughter house before going on to become part of Weber’s international team, Chester and Jamaica made public appearances, promoted rescue organizations and horse adoption and took part in a variety of charities. While Jamaica’s story captivated the nation, the story didn’t end with his win of the HOTY title. Weber and Jamaica followed a “pay it forward” mentality and donated all of Jamaica’s winning feed from Farnam to two different horse rescues. As an athlete, Chester brings a rare combination of talent, commitment, sportsmanship and showmanship to Four-In-Hand Combined Driving. Horse Tack Co. absolutely loves Chester Weber and ensuring his horses stay hydrated, happy and healthy! For more information about Horse Quencher go to

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